Why I love floor-length linens…

Wedding planning means paying attention to the details – small and large. A detail that is very important to me as a planner and designer is choosing the proper sized linens for tables. A key piece of advice is to be absolutely sure you will have linens that touch the floor. Linens that fall short of the floor represent the biggest eyesore known to wedding planning (maybe a bit dramatic, but true). Contact your venue coordinator and confirm the linens are the correct sizes for the guest tables. If you are ordering linens, double check and triple check that you ordered the correct size. By selecting floor-length linens, you will be properly covering the chair legs and table legs. You can be sure that your wedding décor and centrepieces will look best on top of a floor-length linen.

Here is a simple chart to help you make the right choice:

60” Round Table (Seats 8) 120” Round Linen
72” Round Table (Seats 10) 132” Round Linen
30” Round Cocktail Table (42” height) 120” Round Linen
4’ Table (Seats 4) 90” x 108” Linen
6’ Table (Seats 6) 90” x 132” Linen
8’ Table (Seats 8) 90” x 156” Linen

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